Rexing formula v5

steering wheel review

With this review I want to share my experiences with the company Kompozit d.o.o. from Croatia and their product formula v5 carbon fiber steering wheel.

Before I purchased this wheel I wasn´t able to find a lot of independant informations about the company & the steering wheel. Normally I´m a person who consumes such tests/reviews/videos from the community to make the right decisions for myself. And there are tons of tests/reviews of other wheels (direct competitors in this price class) out there.

So I thought it´s worth to write some personal experiences and create such content to hopefully help other sim racers out there.

Important note:
I´m not a professional reviewer and I´m not connected to Rexing/Kompozit d.o.o. in another way than a standard customer.

So "let's get to it ©" ;-)