About me (Imprint)

Thomas Noll (37) from Vienna/Austria
Passionate formula 1 fan since childhood and sim racer since 2017


  • iRacing exclusive
  • Previous series: FR2.0, FR3.5
  • Current series: iGPS F1 (Mc-Laren MP4-30)

Sim racing equipment:

Previous formula wheels used before Rexing formula v5:

  • Fanatec clubsport formula 2018 limited edition (270mm) with APM
  • Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 (300mm)

Both wheels in combination with USBD480 dash (Z1 software)

Real life open wheel experiences:
one trackday with FR2.0 and F1 (Benetton B198) in Spain/Catalunya

Responsible for this website / contact:
Mr. Thomas Noll
1220 Vienna