Pre sale experiences & order process

First of all I checked all available informations on the website followed by two e-mails with some questions.
Both times I got an immediate response (within 1-2 hours!) in my mailbox with detailed feedback and further helpful informations.

You can order the products from their store on the website - it´s a straight forward process everybody knows well from other professional webshops.
So overall - I didn´t need that much on pre sale but I had a good feeling with the fast and competent answers.

Rexing offers a 14-days return policy: "Try it out, only shipping costs are charged in case of return"
So not really much risk at this point.

My order history:

26.01.2021 - pre-ordered by e-mail
They had a longer lead time as normal (8 weeks at this time instead of 3-5 weeks) because of missing parts from the display supplier (UGT) - thanks COVID-19.
Rexing offered to per-order by e-mail without payment and they will inform me 1 or 2 weeks before my wheel is ready to place the order in the shop + payment.
Great offer - I think a partial pre payment would have been fair as well but they didn´t ask for one.

In addition I got the following information:
"We will also soon have new shifters and minor updates on clutches and 3rd paddles. These updates are more to make the assembly easier for us and will have minimum impact on functionality."
I was not in a hurry so I decided to wait for the updates to be ready as well (first info was ~ March 2021).

11.03.2021 - asked for a short status update - response was really fast again and they told me, the new parts will be ready in 5-6 weeks.
21.04.2021 - good news from Rexing - the parts are ready so I placed the webshop order incl. online payment by credit card
30.04.2021 - DHL Express notification
03.05.2021 - wheel delivered - 14 weeks from pre-order and 2 weeks from payment - everything as expected, no surprises and very good communication

Thanks to Dragana at this point - really appreciated the whole process and you were one of the reasons I ordered a wheel from Rexing.

Delivery & Unboxing

The wheel gets delivered in a white cardboard box. 

The packaging is very good with a lot of foam to protect it during the shipping process.

Additional items in the box:
coiled cable, screws and nuts, stickers, description

Official informations about the wheel incl. my first impressions to each topic...

  •  Full carbon fiber body

Looks/feels great and with the weight of only 1050g it´s about the same as my previous McLaren V2 (only plastic without LCD/LEDs) - impressive!

  • 4.3″ wide angle color LCD by Ultimate Game Tech

Adequate size (same as my old external USBD480 dashboard).

  • 15 rpm LEDs, 6 additional marshal LEDs

Missed real LEDs on the McLaren V2 after a Fanatec formula wheel - so really looking forward to have LEDs again.

  • Polyurethane rubber grips

I am a big fan of "rubber" grips - you can use them with or without gloves and don´t have to care about sweat/wear. These grips smell a bit (material) and feel a lot more "sticky" than my previous rubber grips.
Feeling, shape and size is perfect (for my average hands).

  • Analog joystick/thumbstick

Remind me on the sticks from a Playstation 1 controller.
Will do the job for sure, nothing special.

  • 13 configurable push-buttons:
  • 8 highest quality industrial push-buttons with snap action

Reeeally good feeling/feedback - I like them.
If you press the buttons you will see a movement all the way from the beginning to the end. But at ~ 50% you will get the click and you know that the button is pressed. Satisfying process.

  • 4 high-quality tactile switches arranged in D-Pad configuration

Nothing special - normal D-Pad buttons with a stiff click (pressed or not pressed).

  • configurable center push on analog joystick

I think this was also possible on the Playstation controller, right? ;-)

  • 6 thumb rotary encoders

They hit the sweetspot - resistance better than the encoders from Fanatec formula wheels (not that light). Ideal for brake bias etc. without danger of change the setting by mistake.

  • 2 potentiometers

Easy to move, not much resistance.

  • 12 position switch

Clicky feeling (for motor mapping etc.).

  • tempered glass display cover

Nice integrated look.

  • all aluminium knobs

Confirm - no plastic feeling at all.


  • Magnetic paddle shifters

In comparison to Fanatec Advanced Paddle Module (APM) - not that high resistance (for me positive if you shift a lot) but good feedback anyway so you should recognize each shift without any problems. Travel and volume about the same.

The magnetic shifter from the McLaren V2 had more travel which I didn´t like that much.

  • Hall sensor clutch paddles (separate axes or single axis with bite point adjustment, configurable in software)

Feeling for me like the APM - better than the Clutch on the McLaren V2.

  • Third set of paddles, each with dual action (possible to push it and pull it – with firm center position, providing a total of 4 configurable positions on just 2 paddles)

The push/pull process feels VERY light. We will see how to use them.

  • Aluminium hub on the back – accepts 50.8 mm and 70 mm wheel bases and quick releases

Very thin hub - so you don´t loose that much distance to your base/monitor!

  • Non-proprietary connector on the back of the wheel (easy to replace or make your own cable)
  • High quality USB spiral cable included
  • Requires only one USB connection

Cable is on the short side - the connector looks high quality.

First positive look and feel

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

So no really big surprises for me at this point - it looks like a serious formula wheel and you feel high quality materials everywhere.

The combination of weight/diameter (290mm) with integrated LCD + LEDs and a lot of buttons/switches/rotaries should be perfect for my needings...